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Waltzing Australia


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4. Government gets sworn in

Canberra, 14 September 2010
Prime Minister Julia Gillard with Governor-General Quentin Bryce

Quentin Bryce, the Australian Governor-General, today swore in the new Labor government comprising 19 cabinet ministers, 10 ministers and 12 parliamentary secretaries at Government House.

Julia Gillard swore allegiance to the Queen earlier today. It is the second time in just a few weeks that Ms. Gillard has been sworn in as Prime Minister after former PM Kevin Rudd was ousted on June 24th. Labor won enough support from the Greens and Independents to form a minority government, after the Federal election held on 21st August.

Cabinet Ministers, from L to R Simon Crean: Minister for Regional Australia, Warren Snowdon: Minister for Indigenous Health, Chris Evans: Minister for Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations, and Kevin Rudd: Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Less than a week after being sworn in, Kevin Rudd will be off globe-trotting again, this time in Washington on the Friday and then on to New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly next week. Mr Rudd attended the past two such meetings when he was PM. Our new PM is not intending to travel and will allow Kevin Rudd to address the General Assembly on Australia's behalf.

If there was one thing our former PM did well, it was travelling around hob-nobbing and rubbing shoulders with VIP's. I hope someone makes sure he has a hair dryer with him this time around, better yet - make sure he has his own personal hair dresser on call. We don't want any more temper tantrums!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard signs the commission during the swearing in ceremony

Mad Monk vows to smash Labor's NBN
Labor's plan for a NBN (National Broad Band Network) looks like being met with opposition all the way. Poor deluded Tony (Abbott) doesn't see (or understand) thie importance of an NBN. He has made Mr Turnbull communications spokesman for the Opposition and said Mr Turnbull "has the technical expertise and the business experience to entirely demolish the government on the issue", which will be a "white elephant on a massive scale". Mr Abbott also said Mr Turnbull will hold the government "ferociously to account".

Our Tony doesn't beleive in a National Broadband Network, he's too living in the age of dinosaurs of the past.


Bill said...

The funny thing is that Malcolm Turnbull DOES believe in an NBN. That's going to be very interesting. Remember: Abbott only beat Turnbull by 1 vote and now he's breathing down the mad monk's neck. Interesting times ahead. And I do believe in Labor's NBN.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I like Malcolm Turnbull and think he would have made a far better leader than Abbott. He (Turnbull) also believes in climate change which Our Tony strongly disagrees with. Interesting times ahead indeed Bill.