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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

55. The Face of a Killer

Above: Adrian Ernest Bayley
Picture Herald Sun

Adrian Ernest Bayley the man charged with the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was on parole for other rapes when he (allegedly) raped and murdered Jill and has been twice gaoled for rape previously.
What was the parole board thinking? Had he still been in gaol, Jill would not have died that night.

Adrian Bayley had a short fuse
Colleague Shaun Smith said Bayley was temperamental and argumentative. "He had a very short fuse and didn't like to be told he was wrong," his statement read.

Adrian Ernest Bayley was known as Adrian Edwards before he legally changed his name 12 years ago.

Adrian Bayley had history of violent sex attacks
A court has heard Melbourne man Adrian Bayley who has pleaded guilty to murdering Jill Meagher has a long history of violent attacks on women and has admitted faking his way through a sex offenders' program.

Despite being convicted of assault, he was allowed to continue parole. Bayley faced a pre-sentencing hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court today, his lawyers said he accepted he should be given a life sentence for the killing of Ms Meagher. Justice Geoffrey Nettle has lifted a suppression order allowing details of Bayley's history to be revealed.

He has an extensive history of violence and rape. The Victorian Parole Board failed to cancel his parole after a violent assault and a judge's warning that the public needed to be protected from him. The court was told Bayley's history of violent attacks on women spanned more than two decades.

At age 19 - he raped two teenagers in separate attacks. One was a 16-year-old family friend. He also attempted to rape a 16-year-old hitchhiker.

June 1991 - he was sentenced to his first stint behind bars.

He served a mere 22 months of a five-year sentence for sexual assault, and later admitted he faked his way through a sex offenders' program to get early release.

September 2000 - he began what Judge Tony Duckett described as a horrendous wave of crimes against St Kilda sex workers, raping five prostitutes over a six-month period. Bayley was jailed for a minimum of eight years for trapping his victims in his vehicle and repeatedly raping them.

The crime spree prompted the judge to give the ominous warning that society needed to be protected from him.
"You used an array of threats and violence to force your victims to satisfy your gross sexual appetite. You forced your victims to accept a series of sexual acts that caused them horrifying distress".

Out on parole when he murdered Jill Meagher
Bayley was on parole having served his sentence for the St Kilda rapes. However in February 2012, the Parole Board did not revoke his parole when he pleaded guilty to punching a man unconscious outside a Geelong cafe. Bayley appealed against his sentence and was free to walk the streets and meet Ms Meagher. Source

Jill Meagher

The Government is introducing legislation to ensure people who reoffend while on parole will automatically have their parole cancelled or reassessed.

There will be a mandatory cancellation of parole for sex and violent offenders who are convicted of the same type of offence while on release.

Well whoopdee do - not before time.

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