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Waltzing Australia


Monday, January 7, 2013

48. The "New" Thorn Tree

Possibly, these posts about the Thorn Tree and the BBC may not be of great interest to readers of this blog, but as I am a member of LPTT (Lonely Planet Thorn Tree) and an Australian, this is where I put my thoughts.

Well, the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree website is back up again as from the weekend but oh the trials and tribulations of actually getting anything posted. So far only some of the Travel Branches are back - SEA is absent as is the Thailand branch. Forget about asking any question about Malaysia, or Laos, or Cambodia, or Vietnam, or Thailand - for all that you see it's as if they don't exist.

Although they will probably re-appear some time later in the highly sanitised form we are now faced with.

The 11th Commandment:
Thou Shalt Not Participate In Chit-Chat

No chit-chat is permitted, no non-travel posts allowed and definitely no words or "themes" that are designated as "inappropriate content" ! What the hell are "themes"?!?

Thou Must Be Approved
If you post a reply it does not get published but must be "approved" by a moderator. This could take some time, depending on which time zone you live in and what time you make your post. No threads (topics) may be posted either without moderator approval. Talk about a PITA! Oops, dearie me, that would never be allowed on the new, sanitised version of Thorn Tree. Mustn't say antyhing or allude to anything that could be construed for something else and definitely no word or phrases in places of certain .. ah.. words. Ergo, one can not say "khyber pass".

Thou Shalt Not Swear
Not permitting foul language I agree with, posting four letter words is un-necessary and offensive. With this I agree. But the rest? Oh gee, it's like the CIA has gone in and cleaned and sanitised the area to ensure no sign of anything remains.

Now, I understand up to a point about posts or threads needing moderation before being published - this could be because the BBC fears there may be a plethora of abusive posts by certain posters hell bent on destruction, BUT, even a post which does not fall into this category they delightfully dismiss.

Do Not Wish Anybody Happy New Year
ON a previous thread which I must have posted on last year, but which now only showed four or five posts (none of which were mine) I tried posting happy new year - that didn't go through (remember I spoke about needing to be "approved")? So I then posted - "Just as I thought - it isn't posted". And Lo and Behold, there on the thread it was "approved" but the one saying happy new year? Huh! Fuggedaboutit! Not published. So clever me, decides to try again, only this time not only did I wish my mates Merry New Year but also gave some information about Melbourne (The thread title was Why I Love Melbourne) , but that too was not approved. What a lousy bunch of snots! I is really pissed off is what I am. It's just so petty.

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